The BioArt system of skin care is based on a common sense approach.
There are so many products on the market promising that their magic ingredients will take away wrinkles and prevent aging.  
Most products never even penetrate to the underlying layers of skin, not getting through the barrier of dead cells on the
surface.  They are simply washed away in the shower.  Other products utilize high concentrations of hydroxy acids to remove
the outer layers.  Most people feel that the higher the concentration, the more effective the product will be. The problem is
that there is constant irritation with these stronger preparations.  Irritation causes more damage to the skin by creation of
particles called free radicals which can actually cause the skin to age.  In order to prevent irritation to very sensitive skin, such
as around the eyes, there are a multitude of products for the eyes, face, throat and neck, bust, hands, feet, and body.  No
wonder skin care is so confusing.

The goals of taking care of your skin are to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the environment, to prevent
the effects of aging, and to promote a healthy, more radiant appearance.

The BioArt system of skin care is designed to achieve these goals with simplicity.
Exfoliation of the skin, to shed the outer dead layers, is the foundation for any skin care program.  The right combination of
botanicals and vitamins can then more easily penetrate to do their work.  The skin will also engage in the reparative process.  
Exfoliation is performed by gently rubbing away the dead cell layers on a daily basis.  While rubbing away the dead layers,
the skin should be constantly soothed to prevent irritation and free radical formation, which can cause more damage.  By
combining these mechanical means to remove the outer layers, gentler concentrations of  ingredients can be utilized.  With
lower concentrations, we reduce irritation and the need for different products for each body part.

The BioArt system works on all skin types and shades.  The BioArt system can be used by all skin types.  If your skin is
sensitive, simply apply less pressure in the cleansing process.  If your skin is oily, cleanse more vigorously.   Each product is
designed to be used on the entire face and body.  Simplicity.  The BioArt system was developed and tested by a Harvard
trained, Board Certified, Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon with o
ver 20 years experience in skin care.

The basic BioArt skin care program has the following products.  In order to be effective, the program should be closely

The BioArt Exfoliating Facial Sponge is designed for facial cleansing with the BioArt Antioxidant Renewal Cleanser.  The
antioxidants help to prevent irritation while the skin is being cleansed and exfoliated.  Three times each week, the BioArt
Exfoliating Beads should be added to the Facial Sponge with the Renewal Cleanser.  The exfoliating beads contain loofah to
help remove dead cells and aloe to sooth the skin in the process.  The same process is used on the body using the BioArt
Exfoliating Body Puff.  For those of you who prefer using a soap bar, the BioArt Polishing Bar with Oatmeal, Aloe, and
Vitamin E may be used.  The luxurious soap is vegetable based, french milled and exfoliates with the oatmeal, while soothing
with aloe, and providing antioxidants with Vitamin E.  It's natural scent comes from almonds.

After cleansing, the
BioArt Daily Essential Nourishing Lotion with Vitamins, Botanicals, and Hydroxy Acids should
be applied to the face and body.  The lotion absorbs rapidly, preserves the skin's moisture, and provides the skin with
essential botanicals and vitamins which can help protect the skin while stimulating rejuvenation.    On sunny days, use the

BioArt Intensive Moisture with SPF 15, Vitamins, and Botanicals
on sun exposed regions, or at night for more intense

Two or three times each week, you should apply the
BioArt Soothing Gel Masque with Arnica which will help soften,
calm, and sooth your skin.  This is a wonderful product that helps reduce redness, even after more extensive chemical peels
and laser treatments performed by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists.  If you are allergic to sulfa, order the

The complete system contains the following products, but you may customize any variety of these or other products to suit
the needs of your patients, clients or customers.

Daily Essential Nourishing Lotion with Vitamins, Botanicals and Hydroxy Acids  for face and body - 8 oz.
Intensive Moisture with SPF 15, Vitamins, and Botanicals - 2.7 oz.
Antioxidant Renewal Cleanser for Face and Body - 8 oz.
Exfoliating Beads with Aloe and Loofah - 8 oz.
Soothing Gel Masque with Arnica - 2.7 oz.
Polishing Bar with Oatmeal, Aloe, and Vitamin E - 5 oz.
Two (2) Exfoliating Facial Sponges
Exfoliating Body Buff
BioArt Travel Bag

BioArt Basic Skin Care System contains the Antioxidant Renewal Cleanser for Face and Body, the Daily
Essential Nourishing Lotion with Vitamins, Botanicals and Hydroxy Acids
, the BioArt Polishing Bar,and the
BioArt Exfoliating Facial Sponge in
a Travel Case.  

If you are confused about what to do to take care of your skin, if you are tired of buying the 'miracle product' that joins so
many others on your shelf collecting dust, if you want a simple system that will preserve, protect, and promote healthy skin,
then try the BioArt system.

BioArt is committed to respecting animals and the environment.

Do you want to do something to take care of your skin?
Are you confused as to what to do?
Which products are the best for me?
Do I need a separate product for the eyes, face, neck and throat, bust, hands, feet, and body?
Do you have a medicine cabinet full of promising "miracle cures" that are unused?
Are you aware that many of the products on the market may actually accelerate the aging process and be detrimental to your

I want a skin care program that is simple, makes sense, and works!!!
The BioArt Skin Care System provides your skin with a simple comprehensive program that gently and consistently removes
the outer dead skin layers and provides the nourishment your skin needs to be radiant, youthful and healthy while protecting
your skin from aging and the environment.
For individuals with problem skin and those who want additional products with the highest technology, B
ioArt has products
that WORK for every situation.

BioArt products are designed to combine science and art to improve your looks and health naturally.
BioArt's mission is to address prevention of some of the major health concerns of the population through personal care

Do You Want To--
Protect your skin from aging and the environment
Preserve a youthful appearance by blocking age producing harmful free radicals
Promote your health with personal care products for the 21st Century

BioArt  has forged strategic relationships with researchers, universities, and laboratories at the cutting edge of  the personal
care industry that  is addressing the prevention of major diseases through our everyday skin care products.  BioArt's director
of research and product development is a Harvard educated plastic surgeon with two decades of  clinical experience on Park
Avenue in New York City who was trained by a Nobel  Prize winner.
The BioArt Skin Care System