The BioArt Acnetrol System for
Acne and Problem Skin
Individuals with Acne and Problem skin can put together a simple system within the
BioArt and BioArt Acnetrol products to help alleviate their condition.

There are certain nutritional items, such as chocolate and spices, that can contribute
to the problem, together with the hormonal changes that accompany adolescence
and young adulthood.  Of course, hygeine, make-up, touching and squeezing can all
add to the problem which no prescribed treatment can solve

BioArt Exfoliating Facial Sponge should be used with the BioArt Acnetrol
SA Cleanser
at least twice a day.  The Sponge may be course at first, and should
be used gently until it breaks in over a week or two..  The Exfoliating Sponge can
then be used more vigorously to unroof and deliver the ingredients deep into the
pores.  For a more vigorous cleansing, the
BioArt Acnetrol Foaming Cleanser
should be used.  In the morning after cleansing, one should splash on the
Botanical Balancer
and then the BioArt Botanical Lotion.  On any active acne
regions, the
BioArt Acnetrol SA Pore Gel can be applied several times per day,
especially after cleansing.  At night, after cleansing, apply a thin coat of the
Soothing Gel Masque
.  This product is loaded with natural ingredients that will
calm and reduce inflammation while it sterilizes the pores.  If there is no active acne,
it can be rinsed off in 10 to 15 minutes.  However, if there is active acne, it can be
left on all night.  Once applied, it is clear and can be used daily as a spot treatment.  

This systematic approach has been successful on most patients with problem skin.  
There are additional acne products which are in the Catalog.