Skin consists of multiple layers. The deepest is the thick underlying
dermis. This is where nerve endings, microcirculation, hair follicles,
and the glands which produce sweat and natural oils are located.
Interspersed are collagen and elastin fibers. Over the dermis
resides the basal layer. This is where your natural pigments are
produced and stored, and the layer which gives rise to the most
frequent skin cancers. The outer surface of the skin is the
epidermis. This is the layer which is exposed to the environment.
At the base of this layer new cells are constantly formed and
pushed out. As they approach the surface they eventually die and
shed. The outer dead layer of cells can become thickened and
hold back new, healthy underlying cells from fully developing.
Throughout the skin there are pores which connect the surface to
the underlying glands in the dermis. These can become clogged,
trap bacteria, and become infected, leading to acne formation.
Microdermabrasion is the most effective  
treatment offered by Plastic Surgeons
and Dermatologists to keep the skin
looking healthy. It is basically a
sandblasting away of the outer dead skin
layers, but they accumulate again
between treatments. The BioArt Skin
Care System is essentially removing these
layers every time you wash. The result is
having healthy, vibrant skin every day.
Basic skin care requires constant shedding of the outer dead layers, called exfoliation. This allows healthy
cells to propagate from below and in the process minimize the formation of fine lines. With exfoliation, lower
concentrations of hydroxy acids, vitamins, and botanicals can nourish the skin and aid in the prevention of
free radicals.  

The skin care industry is about as confusing to the consumer who wants to help their skin as possible.
Although many of the products on the market are loaded with ingredients known to help the skin, each touts
itself as being "the best." In reality, there are no products that can do everything and some of the stronger
products may produce irritation, accelerating the aging process.  

Healthy skin requires a SYSTEM. The skin needs to be exfoliated and cleansed deeply into the pores. It
must be nourished to preserve the underlying architecture, promote healthy structures with maintenance of
moisture, and protect against irritation and free radical formation.  

The BioArt Skin Care System addresses the needs of the skin. It is being used by plastic surgeons, plastic
surgery nurses and skin care specialists, pharmacists, acne patients, and educated skin care consumers.
Typical comments are:  
"The products are awesome"  
"My skin has never felt healthier"  
"I didn't know the skin could be so clean"  
"My friends and family are telling me that I look younger, healthy, and radiant"  

If you are not satisfied with your skin and want to do something good for it, you owe it to yourself to try the
BioArt Skin Care System
, or to have BioArt help you formulate your own quality personal care products .  
About Your Skin
Your skin is the largest anatomical
part of your body, but do you really
understand how to properly take care
of it and provide it with proper